Thread the Needle is a monthly podcast that explores the meeting place between feminist ideals and the realities of women’s lives. Using storytelling and research, Thread the Needle helps make sense of the messages women receive about their bodies, relationships, careers, and place in society.

Journalist and feminist Donna Cleveland is the host of Thread the Needle. She started this project as a way to cast light on the conversations she’d been having with the women in her life behind closed doors—or rather, in group chats with friends, over coffee with her mom and sisters, and on walks with coworkers. From chivalry to gender identity, from housework to motherhood, she soon found that she wasn’t the only one sifting through conflicting thoughts and ideas about important feminist issues. Conducting interviews from the couch in her cozy century-old home in Iowa, she learns from experts and women’s life experiences, weaving her findings into nuanced, factual narratives about tough life questions.